Must-Have Features In Your Grocery Delivery App


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Eshaan Singh

The grocery industry has been continually evolving over the years to meet the changing consumer requirements. Amidst these changing times, we have witnessed the significant players in this niche, adopting apps & multi-channel approaches to expedite delivery & pick services for their shoppers.

And in any of these new multi-channel approaches, grocery delivery apps play a critical role. In fact, the percentage of groceries that provide mobile shopping applications has hiked from 29.6 to 54.2 in the last few years. 

Understanding Your Competition & Shoppers Changing Needs 

In the past ten years, we have seen several businesses launch apps without acknowledging their customer’s needs first. 

And the online delivery platforms have taught us something fundamental — earning your shopper’s interests goes beyond providing them with loyalty cards and programs.

You must understand what your shoppers care about the most, what kind of experience they are looking for, and most importantly, what could entice them to check out your competitors.  

According to the recent Food Marketing Institute Report, shoppers these days prioritize “reasonable prices, quality products, clean & hygienic stores, well-rounded promotions, satisfactory customer service & no checkout lines.” And a successful business should meet all these requirements either with the app or stores’ holistic multi-channel experience.

Thus, before designing your app or making any sort of changes in your already existing app — ask yourself the following questions to be able to meet your shopper’s unsaid needs:

  • How often do your shoppers visit your current app?
  • How do they currently act with your digital products?
  • What sort of deals appeal to them the most?
  • What could be the possible thing which they might dislike about your store?
  • When or why could they turn to any other grocery delivery app (your competitor)?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you would put the finger on what’s important to your shoppers, their general behavior. Based on those results, you shall decide your app’s core features, branding & other essential decisions.

Features You Should Be Mindful Of In Your Grocery Delivery App

Every grocery store app has some basic yet essential features, which most people fail to execute correctly. 

These features create a better user experience, make your app a lot more friendly & cut down the unnecessary stress about online shopping.

  • Browse & Search History


You must make it easy for your shoppers to find the products they want to have a good shopping experience. And when there is a wide range of items available — this can be a tricky thing to pull off. 

The best way to do it is by optimizing the shopping app’s browsing structure and search options. 

Help your shoppers find the right item by grouping them in a logical order which they could easily browse through. You can use visual elements such as photos or icons to make stock identification easier. Use features like smart search to reduce the amount of typing from the customer’s end. 

  • Push Notifications


The Grocery Delivery industry is snowballing, making it evident that your consumers have more than one grocery delivery app on their devices.

Thus, to create visibility and stand out from your competitors — you ought to use push notifications. Not only will it help you stay connected with your users but it will also help you convey important information such as discounts, offers & other delivery-related information. This way, you’ll be able to grab your customer’s attention quickly & keep them hooked.

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking


GPS aims to provide both bidirectional trackings of each other's whereabouts. It helps the consumer track the location of its order — which kills the anticipation of the order. 

When poorly executed, it defies the entire purpose of on-demand delivery as the shoppers to lose their sense of control, resulting in a terrible user experience. 

  • Easy Payment Options


Payments play an essential role in any business from the owner's point of view. And even though it's the last part of the ordering process — any hiccup here could result in losing a customer. 

For this purpose, a customer must have all payment options well defined in the delivery app, making the payment process extremely efficient and straightforward.

  • Reviews & Rating


Especially when the business is online, grocery stores must care for their shoppers as they are the soul of business. Any feedback or rating is an ideal way for the organization to recognize the downside of its on-demand delivery application. 

For businesses to know how consumers respond to their app, this is a well-tested and excellent way. If your app is well-rated, more people are more likely to visit your app. Therefore, adding a feedback portal is essential in your app.

  • Quick Reorder Option

Giving your customers an option to quickly reorder or repeat their order with just one click is something everyone should do — but not many grocery delivery apps do that.

This not only results in a fantastic user experience but also entices your users to come back to your app again.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a grocery business owner, having the features mentioned above will surely improve the customer’s experience using your app

Do you think we’re missing out on any other feature? Or do you have any different experience with Grocery Delivery App Development, tell us in the comments below.